3 Month PS Plus [Premium]

Read the T.O.S and the Warranty before buying!

3 Month Playstation Plus [Premium]

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Delivery time is 1-5 hours guaranteed delivery time is 20-40 Hours.

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PlayStation Plus Premium is the most feature-rich — and the most expensive — tier of the three. First off, Premium includes all of the features found in the Essential and Extra tiers. On top of that, players also get access to hundreds of PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

Is your service legal? would my account get banned?
Our service is fully legal with 0 ban risk.

Is this service fake? how your prices so cheap?
No, It is not fake, It's real we use our methods to get the subscriptions in cheaper prices.

How long does it take for my subscription to be delivered?
Delivery time is 1-5 hours guaranteed delivery time is 20-40 Hours.

How can i contact you?


1- All purchases are final!
2- No refunds.
3- Replacement can be given only if you don't break the warranty rules.
4- Our usual delivery time is 1-5 hours And our guaranteed delivery time is 20-40 hours
5- If the product was not delivered within 40 hours the customer gets a full refund + the product for free!

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